Hello world!

Hello, this is my very first blog post and i hope it is going to be one of many. As i have mentioned on the homepage i want to share my past experiences, to document my new adventures and hopefully pass on some knowledge and learn as i go.

There are many experiments i want to look at through this blog, not to become a digital nomad like many bloggers do, making a living from their laptop whilst anywhere in the world. The aim is to see how a blog works, how it affects your life, how it can be used to provide an income however small or large and how i can affect others in a positive way. I, like many have ambitions, dreams and hopes for the future, but how do we actually get there? and how those change as your life develops.

At the age of 39, it seems that too many people around me feel they are too old to start something new, or change their routine because they are comfy and secure. My outlook is different and i feel like i am just at the beginning of my working life, with the apprenticeship done now i can focus on what i want to do and that perfect work-life balance.

I hope that you will continue to follow me as i post about a whole range of subjects, some that i am passionate about and others that i feel that need to be talked about more. I will update every month with a report giving some real figures on how my time has been spent, what i have achieved in that time and what impacts it has had.

Thanks for reading and i will endeavour to respond to all comments posted. Antony

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